'I have lived here for over a year now, but from day one, I felt at home.
The staff are really all very kind, nothing is too much trouble. This is essentially a very happy home, there is a lot of laughter.
There is always something going on - you can join in or, if you prefer, spend quiet time in your own room.
The management is always ready to help, ready to listen, ready to consider and employ new ideas.
I do not regret for one minute my decision to leave my home and trust these people with the rest of my life."

- Wendy, August 2018

'My son and family visited her on the Saturday and said it was the happiest they've seen her for such a long time.
She was well looked after by very caring staff."

- Stuart, August 2018

“Our Mother’s time at the Royal Cambridge Home was short but throughout that time we were amazed at the level of care and consistent kindness shown to her and all the residents.  The Care Managers and staff are superb; as well as being thoroughly professional, they always show real compassion and friendliness.  They ensure that those they care for keep their personal dignity even with all their various difficulties.  Our Mother had a happy time at the Home, happiness was very much encouraged by the Activities Team with their wonderful provision of activities and outings, and the way they got to know the residents so well, speaking kindly and individually to all.  This is also a great quality of the Home Manager, Deputy Manager and the office team.  They all go and interact with the residents and show kindness.  Our Mother felt confident with them all.  Not forgetting the excellent chef, kitchen staff and of course the Maintenance Manager who was always so helpful”

- Ruth, Judy & Faith, January 2019

'Everything was done in a very calm and caring way - her physical and emotional needs were always at the forefront of the care and assistance she received from all the staff there. Nothing was too much trouble."

- Tina, September 2018